pay attention to your blog

So, you know you’ve really neglected your site when your blog has been hacked into and you don’t even know about it. Yeah. This was about a week ago and it was pretty easy to sort out, but really, shame on me, eh? From what I gather it was a computerized hacker that guesses your password. So for however long there was was some German site linked from this page. I’ve learned my lesson.

I don’t do the blog thing much anymore really. Not even on LJ. I don’t have the desire nor anything intriguing to talk about anyway. Life is just one revolving monotonous cycle. Booooring!

I wish I could say I am done with school. For the longest while I thought last semester was going to be my last semester. Another lesson learned. Pay attention to the number of credits you have and not just what requirements you still need to fulfill! If you don’t you’ll end up like me, all requirements fulfilled but still needing to complete hours to graduate and not even realizing it!

Yeah, dumbass. Anyway, it’s now mid-term of my officially final semester. No spring break plans, but damn do I need a break. I have almost the total opposite of senioritis. It’s like I want to kick ass and go out with a bang. Very uncharacteristic of me. Seriously.

Maybe I’ll update a little more frequently now.

new site layout

I figured it was time for a new layout. I’ve been quite sick of the old one for a while but was just too lazy to change it. So I threw this together. I like it, so that’s all that matters. It’s only during these times do I remember that Greymatter still acts like poo. Such a mystery.

Life has been so-so lately. School hasn’t been too bad, it’s been pretty good actually, but everything else has sort of shifted in a way. I’ve had better days, but I’m be fine in no time at all. God willing. You know how you like something in such a specific way that it just kills you when it changes? Well, that’s me. It doubly sucks because I hate change, don’t adjust well.

Now the cold weather is approaching and it’s just so depressing. Plus it brings around the memories of this time last year. It’s so strange. Sometimes I’ll have these brief, intense nostalgic moments. Takes me right back a year ago. Not that I care about a year ago and what went on, but it happens anyway. My memory reaches far in some cases. It’s just strange that the weather and the time of the year brings it around again. If I had remembered sooner and tried to recall, it would have never been this intense and real.

But, I do love Halloween and so I do have something to look forward to. Not that I really do anything, I just like the candy and all the scary documentaries and shows about ghosts and Dracula and all that stuff. I am nerd!

my aunt is safe

I’m happy to announce my aunt is safe. She’s with her daughter, her daughter’s boyfriend, and their son in Mississippi. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know the state of her house and the motel they’re staying at is pretty crappy. Apparently it’s a hangout for prostitutes, but it was the only place they could afford and was vacant at the time. And they can’t leave the area so they’re just trying to do their best.

Her son is staying at a shelter and her other daughter and her family are staying with friends in Louisiana. So everyone is all good.

I was searching some sites tonight and there are a lot of people offering up room in their houses for hurricane victims. I was doing research earlier I actually found a listing for the town they’re in, so I gave them the number. Hopefully they can go there because they don’t want to stay in the motel any longer. My mom’s gonna call later on to see what happens.

It’s Monday, so I guess I can say school is tomorrow. Sad. But, I must look on the bright side: I only go two days a week and my first class is at 11am. So, I don’t have to get up too early.

And, some news that is equally tragic (using a bit of sarcasm here), little Rupert Grint was actually here in Boston. I assume on vacation, damn him. Now, what I wouldn’t give to meet my favorite red-headed English boy. Sad, sad indeed.

Weasley is our King!

It’s not wise to watch hurricanes on TV

Usual with events like the latest hurricane I just watch the TV until I really can’t watch anymore, but this time I’m wondering where a portion of my family is. My aunt, to be exact, her 3 kids, and their families and kids. My mom’s been calling various cell phones, but no answer on any of them. Hard to tell if they don’t work, they didn’t bring them, or they’re in an area that doesn’t have service. My aunt lives 15 miles west of New Orleans, on the Mississippi, so I think it’s safe to say they left, but where to, no idea.

Some of the footage is just heartbreaking. Last night I saw some man saying how he couldn’t hold on to his wife in the water and she basically told him to let go, and watch the kids. And then some people on a rooftop that had written on it, “Help. Diabetic. Heart Meds.” It’s almost as if you can’t believe this happened here. I mean, a whole damn city is just gone. A major American city is in ruins. It’s very hard to believe.


Remember the keys!

Okay, folks, remember, when loading items you bought from Costco into your trunk do not set the keys down and then shut the trunk. No, I did not do that, but my aunt did and I just happened to be with her. I’d say it was quite humorous except that it was pretty damn hot and we were standing in the parking lot aimlessly until the tow truck dude dispatched from AAA showed up.

Less than two weeks until the start of school. Shoot. I’m trying to boost my morale book-wise by shopping around for one of my crazily priced textbooks. $124.50 brand new, and $93.50 used at the school bookstore. It’s like the latest latest latest edition so finding cheap used copies online has been a bit of a struggle. But, I remain determined! I sold two of my novels the other day, so that boosted the morale a bit. ;)

I literally hate my school bookstore. They rip you off so bad. I bought the majority of my books for my first semester there, and that was it. Still, at the beginning and end of every semester there’s a massive line to buy, and then sell back, books. I understand why people buy them there, but Jaysus, make a little time to save some money, pleeeeease! Boycott! Boycott!

I’d really just like to close my eyes tight and try to pass this semester by, but I don’t think that’ll warrant good grades, eh?